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Flyfit is a new wearable fitness tracker with one small but crucial difference – it’s designed to fit around your ankle.

This might seem like a subtle distinction from the wristbands that dominate the market, but think about it, which body parts are the engine behind most exercise? Whether it’s running, cycling, stair climbing or swimming, the lower body is doing the legwork and Flyfit should be best positioned to track it.

Husband-and-wife team Jimmy Leu and Beatrice Chu created the ankle strap after Chu became frustrated that existing wearables weren’t accurately recording her exercise. Keen cyclist Chu saw a gap in the market as she noticed that many of the leading fitness trackers aren’t designed for biking workouts.

Flyfit works effectively across a full range of exercises by measuring different leg movements, generating a more accurate picture of your specific workout.

Although the design is complete, its creators seek investment before they can release the product to the general public. The duo wants to raise $90,000 through a Kickstarter page before March 25, of which they are already well over half way to reaching.

Although there is no set price for the Flyfit itself, there are a number of different packages available to backers that include the product – the lowest of which starts at $89.

The ankle band connects to an iOS app via Bluetooth 4.0/LE, meaning you can see your exercise data even as you workout. Flyfit’s creators are also developing an Android app that they plan to hurry along should the project reach its $150,000 stretch goal.

Other add-ons they hope to develop include integration with other apps and an online racing game in which you can compete against friends.

Should the Flyfit reach its initial target goal, the product is scheduled to ship in August following BETA testing in May. To donate or simply find out more about the project visit the Flyfit website.

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