GODZone Day 2

The gruelling 300-mile-plus, multi-discipline GODZone race continues. Team Merrell had an epic day yesterday climbing Mount Tapuae O Uenku, the highest peak in the northeast of New Zealand’s South Island.  Then after a three-hour powernap at TA4, they jumped straight into the 151Km bike ride through the stunning Molesworth countryside.

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Even with the night climb taking its toll on the feet of the team and ten hours on a bike, Tobias is feeling strong and looking forward to the next check point and 38km trek:  “I’m feeling pretty fresh and excited to be on the bike with the sun out and we are making good steady progress”.  Team leader Graham is keen to push on, continuing to motivate Ben and Tobias and using every element of his experience to set the pace. Especially following the loss of Catalina from the race.

With coasteering, kayaking, cycling and climbing under their belts, the team just have to stay strong, keep each other motivated and keep going. Next up is the 38km trek.

Follow the Merrell Alpha Pack team’s progress live on the GODZone Official site.

Watch this space for more updates from The Pack.

Photography: Julian Apse

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