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Oh the weather outside is frightful…but keeping up your exercise would be delightful. When the weather turns rubbish, it’s easy to bundle up and scratch your workout. Try these five foolproof winter workout tips to work up a sweat despite the chill.

A buddy and a carrot


Nasty weather is more manageable with a friend and a carrot dangling in front of you. Pick a toasty ending to your workout, like brunch with the run buddies or a stop at your favorite coffee shop. Knowing there’s a pal and a light at the end of the tunnel will give you the workout motivation to get you out the door. You can laugh about how miserable and cold you were over warm treats.

Do your biking indoors


Home ellipticals and treadmills are the ultimate dust-collectors, but an indoor bike trainer is a worthwhile investment. (Shopping note: A “trainer” uses your existing bike, rather than a “stationary bicycle”, which is its own machine and a more complex purchase.) To avoid wearing down the tread on your tires, purchase a trainer tire for your back wheel. For a seriously sweaty work out, use various interval sets to change up your cadence, gear, sitting vs standing, and overall effort. Pro winter workout tip: You’re going to want a box fan – it’s cold outside but you’ll be heating up on the bike.

Do a holiday-themed race

santa run

Going for a PR in freezing weather might make you a Grinch. Swap the intensity for a holiday-themed charity run without the pressure. The weather can’t get your mood down when you have jingle bells on your laces and a Santa hat over your ears. Pick a local charity close to your heart and enjoy the sweaty festivities. Use some post-race nog or gingerbread cookies as your workout motivation.

Make an indoor circuit

indoor excecise

You don’t have to purchase heavy equipment to have an effective indoor circuit for working out in winter. Do cross-jabs with pumpkin pie cans, overhead squats with bags of flour (wrap them in plastic bags sealed with duct tape to avoid looking like a pastry), 32lb walking lunges with two 2 gallon gas cans filled with water (a gallon of water weighs approximately 8.3lbs). Get creative, set a 30 minute timer, and pump out a high-intensity circuit!

Don’t be a superhero

broken leg

This is one of the most important winter workout tips to remember because nothing stops training like an injury. Don’t go on an icy run just because #nodaysoff pressured you and risk a bone-breaking fall. You get the most out of hard training when you rest. If the weather becomes dangerous, take it as a sign to stretch, foam roll, and recover that day.

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