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What’s the best scenario when you bring two of your ambassadors together for a trip to Jackson Hole, WY? They instantly connect & bring a great energy to the trip. We headed west with two of our most experienced ambassadors, Mike Chambers & Matthias Giraud for our #EmbraceTheChill adventure. Ice climbing, held rides, high fives & more. Get a first glance at our 2016 Ambassador Team!


What was your first thought when you found out you were going to learn to ice climb from our very own Michael Chambers?

Matthias – I was super excited to go ice climbing especially with a legend like Mike! It was on by bucket list for many years! 

What were you thinking when you found out you were going to be training Matthias in Ice Climbing?

Mike Chambers – Matthias has a lot of experience in the mountains so I had no doubt he’d pick it up quickly. Although I was somewhat concerned when his first question to me was, “Is the climb high enough for me to BASE jump off the top!?” 

You’re a pro ski BASE jumper and no rookie to extreme sports, but this was a first time attempt at Ice Climbing. What did you think? Will you be back at it this winter?

Matthias – Ice climbing was sooooo fun! Coming from the world of ski mountaineering, I am proficient with using crampons and ice axes. However, I was surprise with how much finesse is required to be a good ice climber! You have use every groove and shape of the ice to climb efficiently versus pounding your ice tools in the snow when climbing to a ski line. I want to ice climb up and BASE jump down now!

So be honest. How did Matthias fair on the ice?

Mike Chambers – Super Frenchie was a Super Natural. He had some really nice “sticks” and moved up the ice like a smooth operator. I’m excited to see him pull off the first multi pitch ice climb to BASE jump.  

Other than high fives – what was your favorite part of the trip?

Mike Chambers – We packed a lot of awesomeness into just a few days. Climbing, Skiing, dogsledding, helicopters, horses, and, of course dance parties. There was no shortage of laughs. Matthias is a great country western dancer. Like world-class. 

Matthias – Hahahahah!!! Ice climbing was super exciting but keeping up with Mike on the dancer floor was intense! He should combine his dance moves with his mountain skills. He could be the world’s first ice climber dancer!

What do you both have planned for the rest of 2016?

Mike Chambers – Matthias and I are heading to Chamonix in February for some climbing, skiing and BASE. Other than that I have a few big “special projects” in the works that I hope to announce soon. Stay tuned…

Matthias – We are going to have some fun in my home mountains in the France Alps and mix it all up for an epic adventure!  

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