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For the 22nd year running, the Chuckanut 50k is returning to Washington next month. Mixing the urban elements of Washington with climbing 5000ft of the stunning Chuckanut Mountain ridge, it’s a grueling but hugely rewarding event.

The race first began in 1993, and the route hasn’t changed in that time: a classic lollipop course, with the first and last 10k repeating the interurban trail. It’s the small matter of the middle 30k that is what the race is known for though: the 5000ft ascension of the Chuckanut Mountain ridge, which gives the course an edge over flatter challenges.

Runners get 8 hours to finish the race, but if you’re looking for top honors, you’ll need to complete in less than half of that time. The record to beat was set last year by 24-year old David Laney of Ashland who completed the circuit in an impressive three hours, 40 minutes and 17 seconds. The womens’ record is held by Jodee Adams-Moore of Bellingham (in the same year) with four hours, one minute and 23 seconds.

As well as prizes for first, second and third place ($1,000, $600 and $250 respectively), the race sponsors have come up with some creative additional prizes: $100 for the first man and woman to the top of Cleator Road, for the finisher with the most past finishes and for the ‘lucky’ runners who finish 77th and 177th respectively.

The map below shows the route, created by Darren Sofield at aMAP, PLLC:


If you missed registration this year, with 22 years of history, we’re pretty sure it’ll be back in 2015, so keep an eye on the Chuckanut 50k website for details.

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