Emilee Struss

Based in Idaho, Emilee doesn’t do things by the book. For starters, she’s a lefty. She likes that her name is spelled funky, and she once fell 70 feet from a tree and was told she would never run again. Emilee trains so she can continue to prove doctors wrong and enjoys hiking, climbing, and yoga. The trail means freedom to Emilee – freedom from the business of America, freedom from the pounding of the pavement, and the freedom to explore, breathe and fully experience life. She runs to discover peace and feel the rush of gratitude that she can run. But it hasn’t been all bumps and bruises. The writer, carpenter, and “nonprofit goodness advocate” works with Make A Difference, an organization raising money to educate at-risk youth in Tanzania. On a recent trip to the East African country, Emilee got to know the kids, raise money, and gain perspective on what they’re going through. As a writer, Emilee is continually inspired by the amazing lives she encounters. She also happens to be leading one.

By The Author

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