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Savanah Coble

Born in Oregon, raised “caravanning” between a few states in the US, including Hawaii. Her gypsy-like upbringing has encouraged a “limitless opportunities” mindset and a fearless commitment to following her heart. From her stories of instructing on the slopes of Colorado to hiking solo through Europe, Savanah relentlessly empowers us to get in touch with nature. She recently celebrated the one year anniversary of leaving her career in pursuit of full-time life outdoors. Just in this year Savanah has brought us along her expedition through stories of endless adventure and misadventures. Exploring foreign countries, climbing the three highest mountains in the UK, traversing the Sahara via camelback, running a half marathon at the base of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons, rambling through Idaho and Montana hitting every hot spring and trail along the way, you get the idea. These days you can find her somewhere between the Baja and Southern California, likely writing on a mountain top, fulfilling the promise to her readers of more moving entries from the journals of her life in the vast outdoors.

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