Still looking for some last minute holiday inspiration? In this week’s Ambassador Gear Guide, Mina Young Lee and Nicole Brown talk about their top favorite gear for on and off the trail!

If you have an adventurous lady to shop for this holiday, read on.


Moab FST


“The Moab FST is a combination of everything I love about both a hiking shoe and a running shoe. Fast, light, versatile, sturdy and reliable!”

Chateau Mid Pull Waterproof


“The comfiest of fall booties is the Chateau! Great for traveling to the mountains or pairing with jeans during the week. I love them so much I got them in both colors!”



Micro Lite Puffer Vest & Jacket

“I have come to absolutely love the Micro Lite Vest & Jacket! It’s small, compactable, looks great, and works well to keep your body heat insulated. It’s my go-to mid layer. With a base layer underneath and a shell jacket on top it’s all you need to keep you warm on those chilly hikes.”

Vapor Glove 3

“The Vapor Glove 3 fits like a glove around my feet, hence the name! I love to be barefoot as much as I can to feel the earth between my toes, but for the times where the ground is a bit too rough, this shoe is the perfect fit. It’s great for working out, training outdoors, or even for short hikes. My boyfriend swears by these shoes (the men’s version) and wears them for literally everything.”

Chateau Mid Lace Waterproof

Mina_ChateauMidLace“I have the biggest crush on the Chateau. They are my go-to casual boots and don’t disappoint when the weather gets gross. I love them so much, I own them in Dusty Olive and Black because they both looks so good!”

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