Looking for the perfect gift for the outdoor lovers you know? We’ve got you more than covered!

To save you some brainstorming time, we asked our ambassadors what their go-to gear is and why they love it. From boots for the littlest adventurer to versatile jackets for every trek, our ambassador gift guide has what you need. After all, this season is about spending time with your favorite people, not stressing about what to give them!

Keep an eye out for all three gift guides over the next few weeks!



Big Kids Moab Waterproof


“Hadlie’s a wild child through and through, it’s always been hard for us to find shoes that she likes to wear (picky kiddo over here) and that are actually functional for the adventures we go on. The Big Kids Waterproof Moab gets a double thumbs up from Hadlie (and mom!). She isn’t fussy about how they feel, and they can handle the mud, snow and dirt the trails bring, but they’re also cozy enough to wear for her everyday style at school.”

Micro Lite Puffer


“This may seem like a simple puffy black jacket, but the Micro Lite Puffer is my most worn piece. If you don’t already have one, you need one, I promise. You can never go wrong with it and it goes with everything.”

Sugarbush Waterproof


“The Sugarbush is my go-to boot, for around town and on the trail. There hasn’t been a single time I have worn these boots that I haven’t received multiple compliments. Mine have seen miles of trails and been with me on all my travels. There is always a place and time for these boots!”



Kid’s Snow Quest Lite Boot

“The Snow Quest Boot has made playing in the snow so much easier for our family! Instead of having to slog around in clunky boots, Huck is able to run through the snow without a care in the world. The hardest part about playing outside in the snow is convincing Huck that it’s time to come inside at the end of the day!”

Aurora 6 ICE+ Waterproof Boot

Brooke_Aurora6ICEWaterproof Boot

“Wintertime is probably my favorite time of year to hike. The trails are quiet and sparkly, and the brisk air is refreshing on the shorter winter days. The Aura 6 Ice+ has become my new go-to winter hiking boot. The Arctic Grip outsole works well on icy sections of trail, and the waterproof shell and insulation keeps my feet warm and dry for hours.”

TrekTech Seamless Tight

“When I want to add a challenge on a flat trail (and work my leg muscles), I pull Huck behind me in the chariot. The TrekTech Seamless Tight wicks away sweat and keeps me dry and comfortable during intense workouts outside. On snowy days, they work perfectly as a base layer under snow pants.”

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