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Trail Stories
Dear Sugarbush,
I’m sorry I neglected you. I thought you could take care of yourself this winter but I was wrong, and you’ve suffered for my mistakes. Since we started living together you’ve been my rock – always there for me – morning, noon, and night – no questions asked. You’ve supported me whenever I’ve needed it – on the farm, in the city, and in all of those airports. We’ve had some good times and seen some great places – you and I. I’ll always cherish our hikes together on those cold days. That was your weather – you always loved fall the best!
I promise to do better. I’ve bought some shoe polish and a brush and won’t stop until I erase every last salt stain from your beautiful leather upper. How could I be so negligent? I’m sorry that I let it get this far but when I take you out for a night on the town this Valentine’s day, I promise that you’ll be the best looking pair of boots in Banff.
Love always,

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