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“So you wanted an adventure, aye?”

A phrase I have repeated often as I spend my first few days in Europe embracing my new job title: Solo Female Traveler. Last fall, an opportunity presented itself to me, and I decided I had to go for it. I took the leap, left my career, and sold everything I own.

What remained of my belongings was hiking gear, a camera, laptop, and a bag of clothes, which was all neatly tucked into a backpack that would become my home for the next six months.


Originally, I was just going to come to Europe for a couple of weeks with the intention of completing the U.K. Three Peak Challenge in the spring. However, I quickly realized how fantastic it might be to come for the first portion of the year to see as much of Europe as possible. What better way to train for the Three Peak Challenge than hitting 15 different National Parks across Europe?

If you haven’t heard of said challenge, it is the task of climbing UK’s three tallest Munros in under 24 hours. So, that’s the plan. Five months of training by trekking across foreign lands, meeting new people and welcoming new adventures.


It wasn’t an easy decision to make and it definitely wasn’t without fear. During this walkabout, I hope to gain clarity on my goals and my future. I’m seeking genuine happiness. To put the phone and camera down and be present.

I hope to empower others to get outside, and I hope to be transparent in that inspiration so they see the struggle it took to get here. That fighting for your happiness will always be worth it.

As I blog along the way, I believe the highlight of my journey will be this challenge. However, I’m interested to see if something else will spark its way to the top of the list.

As I travel across Europe, I’ll share a blog post about each country I visit. Be sure to follow along! For now, Ciao!


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