Trail Stories

After a while hiking, you can get a little blind to the signposts along the way. But it’s worth keeping your eye out – there are plenty that are bizarre, surreal or just plain poorly written to bring a smile to your face along the way. Here’s a selection spotted throughout the world…

1. A message to dog owners

Dingledots from Reddit finds an elaborate poster aimed squarely at dog owners:


2. A message to dogs

Sometimes though, it’s best to talk straight to the dogs, if the owners won’t listen, as Danog123 discovered.


3. An elaborate bike trail

Sometimes bicycle paths could do with being signposted more clearly. This isn’t one of those times, as 5trych9 finds.


4. Grammar is important

A full stop can make a big difference.


5. …as is ensuring text doesn’t scratch off.

“This trail has the best views!” observes halfnormalsaline on Reddit.


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