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Monday morning, and you have the horrible double-whammy: not only is your weekend over, but you have to face the hellish commute to get back to the job you’re not that enthused about heading towards anyway. If you’re smart and it’s possible, you’ll run or cycle to work, but if not you’re stuck with the car or train. We don’t envy you, but before you get too down over the back-and-forth of commuting you have to contend with, here’s five commutes you can be extremely glad you don’t have to face every day…

1. Zip Wire

“Zip wire?” we hear you say, “that doesn’t sound too bad”. Well it’s certainly quick – the journey from Los Pinos to the other side of the gorge can be completed in under a minute. The downside to this is that the aforementioned gorge is 1,200 feet deep, and the zip wire is 1,300 feet across. Oh, and you have to bring your own pulley, rope and break. The alternative is probably worse though: it takes two hours to hike around it. It’s certainly sturdier than it looks: apparently locals have carried animals and furniture across the gap. We’d be intrigued to see what we could find at the bottom of that gorge: it’s a terrific excuse for losing that vital presentation you promised, at any rate.

2. A train running at 200% capacity

You think your morning train is crowded? Well unless you live in Tokyo, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Tokyo’s trains get so overcrowded (200% capacity) that the network actually employs dedicated train pushers to forcibly shove passengers into a space they’re not physically designed to squeeze into. See this physics defying madness below: yes, they all manage to squeeze in, in the end.

3. Braving -59.8 Fahrenheit temperatures in Siberia

It’s not much fun trying to catch a bus in the cold, obviously, but your idea of cold might not be the same as the residents of Yakutsk, in Siberia. Good luck getting a car started, and even if you do, the ice makes things so perilous that even winter tires tend to struggle. Reader’s Digest reports that there are dozens of accidents every week. The video below should give you some idea…

4. 125 miles through the mountains

An couple of ultramarathons just to get to school. That’s what the school children from the remote Xinjiang Uighur mountains face when making their journey in: a trek that takes them two days. Some of the rock faces that the children have to traverse are just inches wide according to The Telegraph. See the video below for more insane acrobatics in the name of education:

5. Driving on the World’s most dangerous road

Any length of track that has the nickname ‘Death Road’ is probably best to avoid on your morning commute, but some Bolivians don’t have that luxury. The stretch of road in question is the 38 mile long Yungus Road – a mountain pass with the width of a one-way street, but the traffic of a two-way section. It’s no surprise that the road has cost up to 250 lives a year: especially when you consider the occasional landslides and torrential rain. Video of some bikers braving it below: If this still hasn’t made you feel better, well, maybe you should compare yourself with others a bit closer to home. Here’s an interactive map of the USA with average commuter times marked on it, all from the 2013 census: Remember, if you’re below 25.4 minutes, you’re below the national average!

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