Wear and Care

We strive to reduce the impact of every footprint we help create in the world, starting with our own. From material content to manufacturing processes to employees and partnerships, we are always pushing ourselves to improve. We want to provide the best possible product while preserving the trail for future generations.

Lasting Habits

Durability is at the core of our approach to sustainability. We believe the longer you can use a thing, the fewer times you need to replace it with a new thing. So we build our shoes and apparel to provide long-lasting comfort and performance.

Windows to the Sole

As part of our commitment to sustainable development practices, we are proud members of the Outdoor Industry Association, the Leather Working Group, and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which are all helping to grow the voice of outdoor and environmental advocacy and promote sustainable practices in our industry.

Process - The Higg Index

Merrell is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and to be using their Higg Index to help guide our focus on sustainability. The Higg Index helps us determine which practices we should improve in order to operate in a more sustainable way. We use the Higg Index to score our materials, products, and overall brand strategy. We plan to publicly share and improve these scores as we design for the future.