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  • Sean McFarlane - Merrell Pack Leader

    Sean McFarlane

    Sean McFarlane is one of Scotland’s pre-eminent off road long distance triathletes and adventure racers. But for him, high performance racing only serves to help him quench his thirst for fantastic and unforgettable outdoor adventures. Sean and Merrell share a passion for encouraging and assisting as many others as possible, irrespective of background and ability to enjoy and share their most memorable outdoor experiences.

  • Jake Thompsett - Merrell Pack Leader

    Jake Thompsett

    The Outdoors is in Jake Thompsett's blood. He has been participating in outdoor sports and activities ever since he can remember. Starting out in sailing, by 17 he was a highly accomplished fell runner, climber and mountaineer. Happy doing anything outdoors, Jake is now an expert in ice and rock climbing, kayaking, surfing and of course, fell running!

  • Faith Shorney - Merrell Pack Leader

    Faith Shorney

    Self-confessed nomad, outdoor enthusiast and relative newcomer to the adventure community, Faith is on a mission to change the world, using adventure as a medium to get her message out there and help inspire others to spend more time outside. From ultra-distance running to climbing, kite-surfing and kayaking to triathlons, Faith is always searching for ways to experience the world and for the next great adventure.

  • Piers Stockwell - Merrell Pack Leader


    Piers Stockwell is a natural running expert who shares the Merrell Barefoot ethos, educating people to run the way your body was designed to. Piers started the natural running school to teach people to run more efficiently and to get away from the trend of heavily padded running shoes to reduce injuries from poor running styles.

  • Lowri Morgan


    Lowri Morgan is an adventurer and ultra-endurance marathon runner, having competed in some of the most extreme races in the world. She is one of only six people to ever complete the notoriously difficult 6633 Ultra in the Arctic, a 350 mile non-stop footrace over eight days.

  • Katie Roby - A Merrell Pack Leader


    Katie Roby is a recently converted ultra-marathon runner, completing her first event 18 months ago and is now officially hooked. Inspired by a move to South Wales and some gentle nudging from her fell running club she has found something that seems very natural to her, already winning a number of the Welsh ultra races, and she is keen to test her self further, in longer multi day adventures later this year.

  • Monty Halls - Merrell Pack Leader


    Monty Halls embodies the Merrell mission to increase participation in the outdoors, with his passion for getting outside, discovering more about the natural world and enthusing others to join him. A former Royal Marines officer, Monty left to pursue a career in leading expeditions, circumnavigating the globe four times on various projects, leading multi-national teams in some of the most demanding environments on earth.

  • Dr Andrew Murray - Merrell Pack Leader


    Pushing himself to the limits, staying active and sharing his passion with others, Dr Andrew Murray symbolises everything a Merrell pack leader should. Andrew has won endurance races in some of the most spectacular and hostile locations imaginable, including the North Pole, the Jungle and the Himalayas, as well as completing a 2,659 mile run from north Scotland to the Sahara Desert.