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If you are training for a big endurance event such as Man vs Mountain chances are you will be exerting a significant amount more energy than normal life and so you need to ensure you are eating properly to help your body adapt, repair and recover to the extra demands you are placing on it.
This article has been written to give you some ideas and principlas to changing your eating to help make the most of your training. It features the best hints and tips from Merrell’s team of endurance atheletes but it is not designed to be an exact meal planner just some useful info to help you along the way.



Ten Reasons to Get Out of the Gym and Into the Outdoors

Barefoot / Guest Blog

Ten Reasons to Get Out of the Gym and Into the Outdoors

Here is the first in a series of guest blogs from Ultra Runner and founder of the Natural Running School Piers Stockwell. First off here are ten reasons to get out of the gym and run outdoors.




Become a Merrell Student Ambassador

Calling all Students

Do you Get Outside? Merrell are looking for students to help represent us as a Student Brand Ambassador.

We are looking for individuals to become our eyes and ears around town. You will be responsible for increasing brand awareness and educating staff on our product range. You will work closely with the National Training Rep to ensure all stores are kept up to date with marketing campaigns. Additionally to this you will help promote the brand to your peers through university clubs and societies.

Students have gone on to work for brands within marketing and sales roles. This is a great opportunity to work with a global leader in footwear to drive sales and promote innovative products.

The role is for 6 hours a week in and around the city limits and includes the following:

•        Full training

•        Competitive rate of pay

•        Footwear and Apparel supplied

•        Monthly Bonus scheme

•        Potential  Internship in London HQ

•        Flexible working schedule

If you are interested please contact me on the below details.

Let's Get Outside!

James Maslin

If you have any questions please contact me on: