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terrybnd - Hiking and Wild Camping in the Peak District

I have a passion and interest for the outdoors which is second to none. Growing up in rural Nottinghamshire I spent much of my youth exploring Sherwood Forest and working alongside my grandfather in the countryside. We often travelled to far flung scenic landscapes and I’ve no doubt this proved to be a major influence in shaping my love and appreciation for all things outdoors.

I recall spending many happy days out amongst the fields and woods birdwatching, seeking flora and fauna while spending nights out under the stars in D.I.Y shelters and it may come as no surprise I’m now an avid backpacker within the UK. Along with this passion of  mine, I have a keen interest in film and video too and so in time I began as a hobbyist to record the sights I see at my camps out on the mountains, hills and moors.

And so roll on a few years, a health scare and a redundancy propelled me on a new career in life - producing videos of the great outdoors. It’s now my job to film the wonderful landscapes we all take for granted in the UK. The past year has involved me spending much of my time in the Peak District National Park which has lead me to create Peak District TV. A portal for all things great about Britain’s most popular national park via web based video.

Needless to say, much of my time is spent lugging around a large rucksack with my filming gear and camping equipment up onto the windswept moors or plodding down and around gorgeous limestone dales. And consequently my choice and selection of outdoor gear becomes of great importance. Any reasonable weight savings is a must but more importantly durability and comfort and so thanks to Merrell they’ve equipped me with products that help me to achieve my filmmaking goals.

Be it insulating jackets as I stand around watching and waiting for the right light to kiss a distant hill or boots that keep my feet comfortable from the elements - and all the miles I have to undertake seeking out new pastures and views.

My favourite two items of Merrell gear from recent trips have been the synthetic insulating Intercept jacket and the Chameleon EVO Mid Syn GTX boots. The jacket is really quite trendy which helps when I’m meeting clients when having spent the night on the hills - but it’s functional too. Not only does it keep you warm in temps down to 0c but it can fold into itself to form a camping pillow!

The mid-cut boots have proven durable after 400 miles, gripped well on varying terrains from the Lake District mountains, to the tops of the Yorkshire Dales and of course the bogs and gritstone of the Peak District moors. So, it goes without saying kit in general tends to be put through the mill somewhat when out and about with me - there really is no mercy when exposed to the elements.

So to finish this blog post off - I bid you farewell as I’ve now got to plan my next trip out into the Peak District filming. You can read more about what I get up to on my blog: terrybnd - hiking and wild camping in the UK where you may be inspired to spend nights out under the stars too - there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors in my opinion.

Watch the video: Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill, Peak District National Park



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