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The traditional holiday season may be drawing to an end, but we know that many of you intrepid travellers will already be planning your next adventure. Your trip may not be next week, but why not get some of your holiday shopping done early? Especially since some of it will be in the end of summer sale at the moment! To give you a head start, we at Merrell have made you a list of Warm Climate Travel Essentials.

What to Take:

Money & Travel Cash Cards: Take with you enough currency to cover you for the first couple of days. For the rest of your travel money it may be worth getting a Travel Cashcard which you can pre load prior and during your trip. There are a number of different providers (including STA, CaxtonFX, Post Office) which generally do not charge a fee for withdrawals and transactions.

Selection of Clothes: Don’t pack your whole wardrobe, but do make sure you have a varied selection of clothes suitable for your trip and the activities you expect to be doing (a pair of trousers, shorts, a few tops, a hoodie/jumper, a skirt or dress for the ladies and of course enough underwear to last at least 5days before needing to do washing). Don’t forget your swim wear if you’re heading somewhere hot! Merrell recommends our popular Belay Shorts as a travel must-have for women.

Long Skirt/Wrap around/Sarong: Essential for avoiding unwanted attention in certain countries and also for exploring many religious sites, Cathedrals and Temples
Lightweight fleece: Even in hot climates, airplanes and excessive air conditioning can leave you freezing. Merrell’s Fractal fleece, made with extremely soft conductor fleece to keep you warm, is the ideal choice for guys.

Lightweight waterproof: Always try and keep one of these in your day bag. The heavens can open at any time without as much as a hint. Our women’s Aquatia jacket offers waterproof and windproof protection as well being highly breathable!

Lightweight/versatile Shoe: forget your bulky, cushioned trainers at home and grab a lightweight alternative for getting around. Our minimalist shoes including our Pace Glove and Trail Glove are a great companion for your trip. Not only will these take up less packing space, but both shoes are highly breathable, fast drying, machine washable and offer a comfortable glove like fit!

Approach Shoe/Sports Sandals: Planning on exploring outside of the city, taking a few long walks or embarking on day excursions, make sure you have a pair of sports sandals or approach shoes such as our new Proterra styles. Designed for a full days outing on rugged terrains, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable and pain free. Less robust shoes will almost certainly result in a few aches, pains and maybe even blisters after a long day out. Make sure you bring a good pair or walking/hiking socks and liner socks to get the best results.

Comfortable Day Bag: Bring a small rucksack to carry around your daily essentials such as your camera, water, a packed lunch and waterproofs.

Waterproof Cover for Your Bags: Don’t get caught out in the open rain with your backpack getting soaked. Drying each item will be a right pain, especially without a private room to spread your belongings out safely. While some bags come with waterproof covers as standard, others don’t, so be sure to check this before you set off.

Water Bottle/Water Bladder: Don’t waste your precious budget on buying water each day. Take a plastic bottle or a water bladder for your backpack and fill up in the mornings. Watch out though, as mains water is not always safe to drink in some countries, particularly as you head toward South East Asia and so check with a reliable source before you drink local tap water.

Sleeping bag liner: Keeping your sleeping bag fresher for longer, a sleeping bag liner is far easier to wash that your actual sleeping bag. This will also be pretty useful if you’re staying in hostels as it can save you the need to rent bedding and using one of these will minimises the likelihood of contracting bed bugs.

Security Pack Bag: This is a secure bag to pop your bag in while travelling, particularly on airlines. This helps to avoid anyone tampering with your luggage. Although this happening is incredibly unlikely, there have been plenty of scare stories where apparently innocent travellers have had items planted in their backpacks.

Travel/Trek Towel: A lightweight, microfiber towels take up much less room than your usual fluffy towel and will also dry at light speed in comparison!

Small First Aid Kit: For those bumps and scrapes. Typical kits include essentials like plasters, bandages, dressings, antiseptic wipes, tweezers etc. Where possible it’s advised that travels take care of their own cuts and scrapes to reduce contracting infections from others.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs: You never know where you’re going to have to sleep, noisy trains, crowded hostels, airport lounges. Make sure you can drown out your surroundings and at least get some sleep with these two items.

Hand Sanitizer: The last thing you want is an upset stomach. You’re going to want to be out exploring the outdoors, not the ins and outs of the nearest bathroom.

Flashlight/Head-torch: There are many uses for the old torch, whether it’s getting yourself home from pub after dark or avoiding waking up your fellow sleeping roommates in the hostel by turning on the main lights.

Duct Tape: Great for repairing damaged bags, rips in coats etc. The list of where this item will come in useful is endless!

Pad Lock: For securing your backpack in lockers or even keeping your bag secure when it’s left in lobbies or hostel storage rooms.

Drugs: Stock up on Laxatives, Rehydration Sachets, Pain Killers, Anti-diarrhoea pills.

Travel Wash & Washing Line: If you’re planning on doing your own clothes washing. This is a lot cheaper than using the hotel or hostel services if you’re trying to save the pennies.

A Couple of Plastic Bags: For storing dirty or wet clothes and also for keeping liquids surrounded in case of leaks.

Power adapters and chargers: Before embarking double check what type of plug(s) is used in the region you’re travelling too.


A Good Book: Get stuck into a book on those lazy afternoons in the sun or rainy days inside. If you’re planning a long trip and thinking of taking a few reads with you, don’t! Take one book which you’re happy to leave or pass onto a fellow traveller. Most hostels have a book exchange system or other travellers eager to get their hands on another book, so you’ll have no problem picking something up while you’re out there.

Insect Repellent & After-bite: During the daytime protect yourself from mosquito bites by opting for a Deet based mosquito repellent. A higher concentration of Deet will offer you a greater level of protection, the only downside being that it will need to be reapplied slightly more frequently.

Mosquito net: Annoying and unattractive, no one wants to be covered in mosquito bites. Avoid being bitten at night by sleeping under one of these, particularly in hostels or rooms poorly sealed from the outside.

Malaria Tablets: If you’re heading to a tropical location, check whether the region(s) you’re travelling to is malarias. For further advice on malaria tablets, talk to a healthcare professional at your local travel clinic ideally 4-6weeks before you depart.



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