Mix it up
MBound™ midsole delivers minimal
cushioning that provides immediate
feedback from the ground to the foot
to get you from the road to the trail.

Men's Minimal

Women's Minimal

Minimalist Shoes

While most hikers and runners aren't ready to hit the trail without some form of protective footwear, Merrell has perfectly blended the spirit of barefoot running with the resilient cushioning you need to stay comfortable on the trails, road and rugged paths ahead. Shop our minimalist shoes to feel the ground beneath your feet with less overall impact in each stride. Minimalist running shoes help encourage you to ease into a more natural running form. Our minimalist shoes have a 0-8 millimeter drop so you can easily feel and adapt to the earth, while our MBound™ midsole offers resilient cushioning for enhanced stability and agility. Get the immediate tactile feedback you need to focus on your technique and feel better than ever while you run. With more deliberate footfalls, your conditioning will improve so you can push it longer and faster without increasing your risk of injury. Merrell's minimalist running shoes for men and women encourage a long and healthy running career, wherever the road may take you.