Rachel Horos, from our sales team swam in a 36 mile down-river swim ultra-marathon. This race, The Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test (END-WET), is the longest swim race in America. Somehow, she managed to finish with a smile on her face. Crazy right? But we can’t forget her husband, Adam, who gave up 12 hours of his day to be her support and encouragement beside her throughout the race.

Let’s see what he had to say about kayaking beside Rachel the entire race

Have you ever dreamed of kayaking for 12 hours straight? Of course not. I don’t even think clinically insane people have such odd fantasies. Well, maybe odd isn’t the right word. More like bland. And that’s exactly how I would describe my experience as I rowed the “life boat” during my wife’s, Rachel, 36 mile endurance swim in the Red River, kayaking for 12 hours straight in South Dakota.

It wasn’t all bland. Getting her nutrition ready was a break in the monotony that I welcomed every hour, on the hour. Other highlights included trying to go to the bathroom without losing my paddle and seeing one single deer, which Rachel was not nearly as excited to see when I stopped to point it out.

Yes, kayaking for 12 straight hours was bland, but kayaking beside my wife while she tried to accomplish the most difficult athletic endeavor anyone I knew had ever done was not. Having done a few endurance races myself, I marveled at the shear audaciousness of swimming 36 miles without a break. Watching her determination and tenacity made me proud, not only to be in her kayak but to be married to such a person.

So do I recommend you take a 12 hour kayak trip? No. Not unless you are simultaneously witnessing something spectacular. I’m glad I was.


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