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The Merrell Verterra is a light hiking shoe that’s great for quick hikers and even trail runners. It’s also available in waterproof and mid-height models. Check out our Pack member’s hiking shoe review then find your favorite from the Verterra collection and try it out for yourself today!


Putting on the Merrell Verterra for the first time, was akin to putting on my favorite pair of slippers. It was super comfortable, but with the added bonus of being able to go outside with the confidence that they won’t fall apart!

Of course, these speed-hiking shoes are not designed to be bedroom slippers. No – these are the sort of shoes that encourage you to find a trail, ideally with a mountain in the way, and go on a speed-hike.


The Merrell Verterra looks like a hybrid between a trail running shoe and a hiking shoe. Which would make sense, because it’s designed to allow you to move fast over all types of trail and terrain, which it does admirably thanks to a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. That means this light hiking shoe gives you a responsive feel while offering plenty of cushioning through its M-Select midsole.

To test out these shoes for my Merrell shoe review I’ve been using the Verterra both on pavement and on the trail. Unlike some shoes, where you’re desperate to take them off at the end of the day – I forgot I was wearing them. Which is surprising considering I’m used to wearing the Bare Access Trails – which by contrast weigh half as much as the Verterras.

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This light hiking shoe has so many of the features we’ve grown to love about the latest incarnation of Merrell shoes – including the Omni-Fit lacing system and Stratafuse upper, which allow you to get that snug, ‘glove-like’ fit and the M-Select Grip – ensuring you never slip no matter what terrain you’re covering.

I wouldn’t run long distances in them – but they’re great for a run/shuffle strategy that sees you hopping over rocks and clambering up hills. I have the GORE-TEX version, which I’ve not yet used in the worst of the wet British winter – but so far they haven’t let in any water. But then again – that’s the point!


Good for:

Those people looking for a hiking/trail shoe compromise.

The Merrell Verterra shoe is available now, in both Men and Women’s styles, priced at $125. The shoe is also available as a waterproof version – again in both Male and Female styles – priced at $140.

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