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Meet The Team

Denisa Dragomir


I am from Romania and I am a skyrunner. I started with this discipline 6 years ago. I started to love this kind of running from my first race and from that moment I wanted to become better and better and, of course, to discover always new races

Why Do You Trail Run?

Because trail running is not just a sport, it' s always about discover new mountains, understand and respect them.

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Biggest Achievement To Date:

To win the big final of Skymasters from Skyrunning World Series

"Talent is not enough. If you want to become one of the best, work hard"

Sanna El Kott


Been a Merrell Athlete for about 3 years.

Why Do You Trail Run?

Trail running is freedom, and that is the best gift one could have.

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Biggest Achievement To Date:

Winner of TransAlpineRun 2 times together with my twin sister Lina!


Lina El Kott


Loves outdoor sports and lives in Åre, Sweden.

Why Do You Trail Run?

Running is the ultimate feeling of freedom, and on trail running also is closer to nature.

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Biggest Achievement To Date:

Running the Transalpine Run and winning it 2 times with Sanna.

"Be happy for what I have and don’t take anything for granted."

Georgia Tindley


I'm a skyrunner from Scotland, who just loves to be outside. When not running I'm relaxing somewhere with a cup of tea and a good book.

Why Do You Trail Run?

I run because it is fun! There is no better feeling than setting out the front door for a mini adventure. Whether you’re exploring new mountains or running your usual routes there’s always something interesting to see.

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Biggest Achievement To Date:

Winning the Glen Coe Skyline last September. It is a race close to home and a location that has special meaning for me, which made the win all the more emotional.

"Be true to yourself. Run the races that appeal to you most with the people you like the most. Running is fun, and you shouldn’t let the competition get in the way of that."

Oihana Azkobebeitia


I have two children, 6 and 4 years old. I work part time as a veterinarian and I am a mountain runner. That’s my biggest hobby: running through the valleys and mountains with my dogs.

Why Do You Trail Run?

Because I love mountains. I live close to them, and I can feel that they are calling me. I started training for athletics when I was 6, but I leaved it when I was 18 because of the veterinarian career. I did the career far away, and when I used to come back home I always wanted to run through the mountains.

Define Trail Running In One Word

Peace, freedom and fun.

Biggest Achievement To Date:

Winner in Buff Epic Trail 2017 (Sky running World Series) but the best result for me was in Zegama-Aizkorri. I was fourth (4.47.38)

"Whatever you do, be happy."

Hector Haines


A fun loving adventurer with a cheeky smile, Hector is a dedicated athlete who has competed on the world stage at a high level for many years.

Why Do You Trail Run?

I trail run primarily for enjoyment and escape, as well as to feel competitive. Trail running satisfies me on a deep emotional level. I need it to feel happy and fulfilled! Thankfully there's lots to be done and enjoyed!

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Biggest Achievement To Date:

I've finished 5th in the World Skyrunning Series overall, and 2nd at Limone in 2016. I was 14th at the last Skyrunning World Champs. I've been 10th in the World Orienteering Championships, and 4th in the relay.

"Listen to yourself. Be true to yourself"

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Merrell Test Lab

Ragna Debats breaks through odds. In 2018, at the age of 39, she achieved a trail runner’s highest stage: becoming double World Champion in Skyrunning and Ultra Trail. It’s her and athletes like her that make up the Merrell Test Lab, our proving grounds for our most technical innovations like the MTL Long Sky. It’s in this design, Ragna won the Marathon des Sables.
“I know exactly what kind of shoes I need to help me achieve my maximum performance in training and competition.” Ragna Debats - MTL Long Sky

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