Compare Trail
Running Styles

Agility peak 5

Agility Peak 5

For the extra mile, extra cushioned trail runner

Moab flight.

Moab Flight

For the beginner trail runner

Antora 3.


For the everyday, all-terrain trail runner

Nova 3.

Trail Glove 7

For the zero-drop trail runner

Trail glove 7.

Vapor Glove 6

For the devout barefoot minimalist trail runner

  • Lug Depth

    A higher number lug is for wet, muddy, and rocky terrain. Lower lug values are better for road-to-trail situations.

  • Drop

    A higher drop value provides less ground feel and more protection, a lower drop value provides more ground feel. The lower the value, the closer you get to a "barefoot" trail runner.

  • Cushion

    Higher cushioning is recommended for more aggressive terrain and long runs. Less cushioning will provide a very close-to-the-ground feeling.