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Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

Running on streets or a track is fine for many people, and sometimes these surfaces are a necessary place for convenient exercise. For those who crave a little more, running on an outdoor trail is an intriguing challenge. On the trail, runners balance fitness goals with exciting terrain and an opportunity to enjoy nature at a faster pace. Merrell wants your runs to be productive and rewarding, but also safe and injury-free. That is why All Out Charge shoes are fantastic for those times when you hit the trails and run on the more challenging path. These cushioned trail running shoes provide a key combination of structural elements. Specifically, All Out Charge shoes blend stability and agility in a product that encourages a smooth and natural running experience. You want your shoe to maximize cushion so that your foot hits the ground softly and is stable on uneven and tricky terrain. At the same time, your shoe should be molded to your foot for maximum lateral support, just in case you need to adjust quickly. The key to a good running shoe is that it provides comfort but doesn't get in the way of your natural athletic ability. Whether you are a casual runner or a more serious trail warrior, good shoes are crucial and Merrell has the products to help you conquer the challenging trail.