Kristen and James - Life outside the cubicle
Pack Stories

Meet our friends James and Kirsten, who did act on this. They will be taking a one year break from their jobs to pursue their own adventure of climbing all 56 14ers (56 Colorado Mountains of 14,000ft or higher) and continuing their journey onward to South America!  Feeling bogged down by years of accumulating “stuff”, they desired the need to live simply and explore.  This love of the outdoors and outdoor participation resonated with us (Merrell) and we wanted to team up with James and Kirsten to provide them with the necessary gear to take them to the highest peaks and down the furthest trails.  We feel, it’s when this happens, that their unique story can really come alive. Luckily for all of us that have a passion for the outdoors, we can follow their travels.  Whether it’s hiking Colorado’s 14ers, or exploring South America, join us as James and Kirsten take us on an outdoor adventure that explores Life Outside the Cubicle.

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