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Finding adventure on the trails

The best thing about not working is heading out when the weather is good and getting out onto mountain trails or in the nearby countryside. It’s always depressing looking out of the office window on a Monday morning and seeing glorious sunshine without being able to enjoy it.

Benefits of an active lifestyle

If you are in an office job then you probably have to be more conscious of when and what you eat. Although recommendations for exercise are about an hour a day, typically we are designed to be active for about 8 hours a day. Calories are good things really, it’s just that most people are not active enough for that to be the case. When you’re stuck in the office, you lose the benefits of an active lifestyle like being able to eat plenty, exercise plenty and sleep plenty – to live life to the full! I also think sitting down for long periods of time is very bad for posture, glute strength and many other things that set you up for weakness and injury.

Fresh air

Air conditioned air is just not good for you! Nothing beats taking a lungful of fresh mountain air! Fortunately as Event Director at Run the Wild I can do this more often than I used to.


Long office hours often mean it’s pretty difficult to get out and see the people that you care about like friends and family. This was something I really noticed in my year away from work. Time with friends and family may be free but it’s certainly priceless.


Long expeditions to the Himalayas are difficult to arrange for most people. Taking time out from life for at least two months is difficult both in terms of work but also relationships and I can understand this isn’t for everyone. But even on shorter trips I love getting out and spending a week with my climbing buddy somewhere in the Alps, recovering from the long days on the snow and rock with pizza and beer.

Finding time for adventure

Rather than just taunt you with what you’re missing – what are some ways you can fix it? Check out our tips on how to find adventure in a 9-5. On top of that, instead of happy hour, hit the trails! Find a local group or some friends who run or hike after work (and like to follow it with a trip to the pub). Spend your lunch break in the park – even just sitting and reading in the fresh air can make a difference – but if you can get a hike in, all the better! Make sure you take at least one week-long active holiday – or several long weekends when you are out in nature and completely devoid of internet connection. Active holidays allow you to focus on the trail instead of the deadline so you’re more refreshed when you do have to head back to work. To find active holidays abroad, check out my site, Run the Wild. Or for something closer to home, try Adventure Running Co. in the U.S.

Finally, when it’s time to start the job search again, look for careers that let you get outside as part of the job – or ones with more paid leave or a more flexible work schedule. That way you won’t miss as much outside!

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