Trail Stories

What is your nature?

#MyNature is constantly changing because I am constantly traveling and traveling with other people. I travel to explore outside of what I know and to get outside of my comfort zone. I want to encourage people to live the life of their dreams.

 What do you seek when you are exploring?

Wild places that remain close too untouched and still in their natural habitat.

I seek different mentalities, systems, habitats and structures. I seek different natures and ways of life. Different experiences that are heart, eye, sole and body moving. That touch a part of our selves that change us forever and push us in our personal growth.

Why don’t you like to stay in the same place?

Too many pages in the book are unturned. If you don’t travel outside of what you’re familiar with then how will you ever grow, learn and expand your horizon.

What draws you back to places?

The people, the ride, new adventures, new moments and the spirit of a place. As well as the feeling that I am not finished in a certain area.

Why is another persons betterment so important to you?

Because showing people new experiences together builds a community, a community of people that thrive for the betterment of life and a world fueled by passion.

#MyNature is constantly changing to inspire a community of people to follow their adventure and live in a world fueled by their passions.

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