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Merrell Barefoot Road Glove Reviews

The Merrell Barefoot Road Glove was called the "bloggiest shoe of the week!" from Anotherfnrunner.com.  See why by checking out what the running bloggers had to say in their reviews.  Keep an eye for the Road Glove arriving at your local retailer's shelf and visit our Merrell Facebook page for info on how you can score some great Merrell Barefoot prizes upcoming in February and March.

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Posted by DGL47

Does the Road Glove had a protection plate in the forefoot or not? Some reviews seem to indicate it does. Thanks, David

1/27/2012 | 1:14 AM

Posted by Merrell

Hi David, The Road and Dash Gloves do not have the protection plate in the midfoot. Only the Trail and Pace Gloves. Thanks!

1/27/2012 | 4:24 PM

Posted by BostonBobby

Hi. I'm a big fan of your glove shoes but as you expand the product line it's starting to get confusing. For example, what is the difference between the Bare Access, Road Glove, True Glove, and Sonic glove? I think you need to create a table that lists the models down the left side and then columns to the right that describe features and what kind of running the shoe is best for. The trail and water shoes are pretty self-explanatory. The rest of the models I have no clue why I would get one over another. Thanks.

2/13/2012 | 4:06 AM

Posted by DGL47

Hi, thanks for the reply. Note the description of your Barefoot Road Glove on the Shop page does indicate it has a protection plate in the forefoot. Just letting you know. Love the Trail Glove and looking forward to trying the Road Glove! Sincerely, David

2/19/2012 | 1:20 AM