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Free Up Your Running Form with Barefoot Running Shoes

Proper running form is important to the health and strength of your muscles and joints. Barefoot running is all about re-training your body to run the way it was designed to run. Often, runners rely on their shoes to correct their form or support their injuries. Many over-stride and heel strike, absorbing force in their joints which can cause pain and damage over time. With barefoot running, the minimalist shoes allow you to run with a midfoot-strike, positioning your foot to distribute the force of running more evenly. It also helps you get back to natural alignment, strengthens muscles and gives you a better workout by using your body’s natural propulsion. Consider how men’s or women’s barefoot running shoes could improve your running form and overall performance with these tips on barefoot running.

    Start slow. With a minimalist shoe, your muscles are working differently, which may cause pain or soreness as you begin. You’ll probably want to work your way down to barefoot running with minimalist running shoes that have more cushion than a true barefoot shoe. Merrell’s Barefoot Run Bare Access 2 running shoe for men and women is a great starter shoe. Once you get used to the zero drop design from heel to toe, move to a shoe with a little less cushioning.

•    Listen to your body. When you’re starting out, you should only run one to two miles a day in your barefoot shoes, and pay close attention to how your body feels. If you’re sore, cross train a few days and maintain the same distance each time you run until your muscles get used to the new stride. Over time, running in barefoot shoes can reduce pain and injuries while running as it strengthens your ankles, calves and Achilles tendons. However, this is going to be a new experience to your body, and you should ease into it to avoid injuries. Build your endurance gradually.

•    Pay close attention to your running form. Barefoot running shoes connect you with the ground, strengthen and tone your muscles, and they’re lighter than traditional shoes, but they won’t magically correct your form. To avoid injury while running, focus on where your foot falls, your posture, and your strides per minute. You may even want to run with a friend who will critique you so you know where to improve your running form. 

•    Get the right shoe for you. Men’s and women’s barefoot shoes come in several different styles, including shoes designed for watersports, running, climbing, training and every-day wear. If you’re a trail runner, consider our trail gloves that have the protection you need when navigating roots and rocks. Or, if you’re looking for the perfect strength-training shoe, check out our line of training shoes.

Run the way you were meant to with barefoot running shoes for men and women
Connect to the earth and nature in a way you never have before with barefoot running shoes. Whether you’re a sprinter, distance runner or adventure racer, barefoot shoes can benefit your running form. You’ll discover your muscles are getting stronger, your posture’s getting better, and you’re getting faster. Get the most out of your workouts and hobbies with men's and women’s barefoot shoes. For help getting started use the Merrell training plan, and find out from our coaches how barefoot running is better for your body.




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