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First Half Marathon - DONE!

Congratulations to Emily, our newbie Barefoot runner, who completed her first half marathon last weekend. Read below about the strength she found from herself, her friends, family and complete strangers.


Running – A Rhythm in Strength of Mind and Heart

Today I accomplished a personal goal. I completed my first ever half marathon. I wasn’t super nervous going into it, I didn’t have a ton of time to train, but I had a friend by my side with each stride making sure I kept my pace, didn’t over run in the beginning. It was an epic day of smiles, pain and gratitude. I accomplished my goal of a qualifying time for the NYC Marathon. This goal was met thanks to my friend, who knew me, my ways and gave me the rhythm I needed to succeed. I was exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.


But as we left the course, the final racer was crossing the finish. A woman, only a bit older than I, with a clean shaven head, and a beautiful stride to match her smile. She was the last to cross, but in my mind she was the first and only winner. Her head was a clear symbol of freedom from a disease that takes many. Her smile was symbolic of her strength to happily take on 13.1 miles with pride. Her stride was strong, steady and diligent. She inspired me, not to continue to run, but to run for the power and strength of mind and heart that is in each of us every day.


Somedays we get busy doing our thing and forget about what is important. She, that lady with a beautiful head, smile and stride, reminded me of what is important, what life is all about, and why each day should be lived and survived to the fullest. She reminded me that running is a sport of strength in mind and heart, that’s what powers us through each stride. It gives me strength to help my father is in the midst of his battle. He called, coincidentally as this woman crossed the finish. I feel this was not a coincidence, but a sign of strength that I will continue to deliver to my amazingly strong father as he battles to become a survivor.




Posted by skprevost

Loved this article, especially the last paragraph...very true and very inspiring. Congratulations on your first half marathon and all the best to your Dad!

4/16/2011 | 10:45 PM