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#Pretty Strong Training Program-Week 2


Hello! Now for week two of the Merrell Women’s Barefoot Training Program.  The next few days of the program were cool because I was finally able to run! Spring also came early in Michigan so I was able to do some of my training outside.  Let’s get started!

Day 5

The workout consisted of kneeling lunges and a 30 minute walk.  The lunges were really a way to stretch out those muscles before the workout. This was my first time doing this kind of stretch.  I liked it so much that I plan to incorporate it before and after my future workouts. It felt great! After stretching I was able to go outside and enjoy the weather for the 30 minute walk. After the walk, I headed to the gym to do some of my own exercises including cycling (I need to buy a new bike!).  

Day 6

I was so excited to start Day 6 because it was the first day that I could actually run in my Merrell Barefoot shoes (I have the Dash Gloves!).  This workout required walking, jogging in place and running.  Because it was raining, I did this whole workout in the gym. During the walk I really concentrated on my form. I wanted to make sure it was good before I did my first run.  The 10 second jog in place was also helpful to get me to practice running correctly before that 10 minute run.  Next, I started running. The run felt really good, as I felt no pain in my knees (I mentioned in my first blog that I usually have knee problems when running.) Although I wanted to, I made sure not to go longer than the 10 minutes listed in the training program.  Running naturally causes you to use muscles that have never had to be worked before.  Going too hard in the beginning, without really transitioning can cause you to hurt yourself.  

Day 7

After doing my ankle circles I threw on my shoes and headed outside for a run. It was like 80 degree’s and sunny!  While running I was thinking wow, I feel like I have the proper form down pat (at least I think I do). The 10 minute run feels better than my run before transitioning. I have had no joint pain thus far which is great!  After the run, I found some stairs outside and did 30 minutes of training on the stairs. Going up and down, continuing to practice proper form and building strength. 

Day 8

Today I was able to train with my husband. It made the workout a little more enjoyable. I encourage everyone to train with company as much as possible. Keeps you going!  Anyway, I did the ankle circles as usual. After those were completed I did the Clams.  This workout wasn’t too difficult for me.  This made me feel pretty good about myself and my progress. Ha Ha! After those were completed I did my walk and run with the hubby.  I’m feeling great!

Day 9 

This workout started with Jumping Jacks.  As I mentioned in the last blog, this isn’t a workout that I do often.  But it is always fun.  Jumping Jacks remind me of being in gym class as a kid…in a good way. I decided to do more than 5 reps because I wanted to challenge myself a bit more. I did 10 instead.  Please do what works for you!  Now onto the walk and run, I really, really wanted to run longer in these Merrell’s but had to hold back for now.  Do not want to do too much too soon!

Having completed 9 days of the program I can say that it is really great with helping with the transition.  I have enjoyed it thus far and am excited to keep going with the rest.  Stay tuned for the next 5 days! Check out the training program at www.merrell.com/barefoot-women.  Don’t forget to watch the video to learn the full benefits from my co-workers.