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I AM #PrettyStrong: Emily Snayd

Watch Emily unleash her natural power and beauty and find your #Prettystrong with our traning programs, playlists, and Merrell Barefoot Shoes-designed just for you!



Posted by GIR

I love the video. I started running a couple of years ago and I've been a bit hit or miss with it. This year I've started back stronger than before and with a lot more resolve. Before I ran just because I needed to have a physical outlet for stress. I also bicycle and am the head referee for our local women's flat track roller derby team so getting exercise isn't much of an issue for me. Between the bike, skating and running I'm keeping pretty active. My old running shoes, a pair of Sauconys which I loved when they were still in good shape, had worn out and it was time to replace them. I visited our local shoe store and after discussing the wear patterns on my old shoes we came to the conclusion that I would benefit from a "barefoot" style of running shoe. The salesperson brought several pairs from a number of different manufactureres for me to try on. Once I slipped the Merrel Barefoot Access Arc on my foot I was sold. I jogged around the store a bit in them to get a feel for how they responded and I was very impressed. Now after a week of running in my Access Arcs I'm absolutely happy I made the purchase. Now, the only downside to this monologue is this: I wear a men's size 6.5 shoe. After contacting Merrell I discovered that they do not manufacture a men's shoe smaller than a 7. The salesperson worked with me to find a women's size that wasn't too "frilly" in colors and with a bit of compromise I ended up fitting snugly and comfortably into a size 7.5. That is one whole size smaller than my usual shoe size of EUR 39. The 7.5 is an EUR 38. Despite the fact that I will have to compromise on color and styling I can say that I will most likely return to purchase another pair of the Access Arc shoes. They've brought a whole new level of enjoyment and performance to my running.

4/6/2013 | 3:25 PM