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Want To Find Your Pretty Strong?

Nearly 2 years ago I made a change. A big change it seemed at first, but really it was a small step in a positive direction. No, I didn’t stop drinking beer (carbs are good for running…right?) or eating chocolate (must get in those antioxidants). What did I do?

I put less on. I got closer to the ground. I let my feet kiss the ground, as nature intended. What started as a pair of barefoot shoes for product testing became a lifestyle. It took some practice and patience but I found my balance.  I now mostly run in barefoot shoes for the connection with the ground that leads me to find my natural form, to discover my natural athlete. I’ll be honest, there are some days where I need a bit more cushioning and I wear different shoes. But because of my training in barefoot shoes, my stride has become smoother and my landing more even. Over time I am more efficient. My feet are strong. My legs are strong. It is that strength that guides my body, naturally. What started as a mile here or a mile there is now 10, 12, 13 miles of freedom. I just keep on going!

The benefits I feel from less on my foot have now transitioned to benefits in the gym. During boxing class I am more nimble on my feet. When lifting weights I can feel my feet and legs working, my core engaged, supporting my movement. I can feel my whole body working together.Curious? Try it. Its not an all or nothing debate. Its about finding the tools that work for your fitness toolbox. It’s about discovering your potential, naturally.

Working out inspires me, keeps me sane, sets me free. The road and trail (and oftentimes the gym) are all ears to my thoughts, my vulnerability, my creative wandering. It is in those moments of sweat that I am twice the person I would be sitting on thesidelines. I consider that Pretty Strong.