• Opens your chest to make it easier to breath
  • Helps relax your body
  • Creates focus on muscles in your core


  • Spread out the absorption of the energy your body creates vs. focusing it all in your heel
  • Greater stability and balance in movement
  • Natural way your foot was meant to land
Barefoot Training
Barefoot Testimonials

What People Are Saying

  • Yale News

    Yale Daily News
    Barefoot marathons? Zero-drop soles could be the key to long-distance running.
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  • christopher mcdougall

    Christopher McDougall
    In his international best seller, Born to Run, Christopher McDougall investigates Mexico's Tarahumara Indians to learn the secret behind their ability to run long...
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  • get the merrell barefoot playlist

    Get the Merrell Barefoot Playlist
    One of the keys to mastering Barefoot is cadence. Run at 180 steps per minute with the help of our 180-beat-per-minute playlist.

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  • the new york times

    The New York Times
    "Are We Built to Run Barefoot?" Read the full article discussing the merits of going Barefoot running.

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  • competitor

    The online source for active lifestyle features our very own Jason Robillard.

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  • best runners debut

    Runner's World Best Debut
    Merrell Barefoot (Trail and Pace Glove) name Best Debut by Runner's World Magazine, April 2011.

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  • shape winners shoe awards 2011

    Shape Winners Shoe Awards 2011
    Shape magazine names Merrell's Barefoot Pace Glove the best trail running shoe.

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  • national geographic

    National Geographic Gear of the Year
    The Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove is honored by National Geographic as the best minimalist shoe.

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