M-Select WIND
M-Select WIND crée une barrière légère
respirante, résistante au vent et à l’eau, et offre
une grande mobilité pour favoriser une
meilleure liberté de mouvement.
M-Select WIND
M-Select WIND

Women's Wind Protection Clothing

M-Select Wind: Wind-Resistant Clothing for Women

Block blustery breezes with Merrell M-Select windproof clothing for women. Designed to help you perform outside despite windy weather, our women’s windproof jackets and more are not only a defense against the elements, they’re also a great fashion statement. Plus, much of our windproof gear is paired with other outdoor technologies like M-Select Dry, for an even more enjoyable experience outside. Shop the M-Select Wind collection now to find wind-resistant clothing for women, whether you’re hiking, running or just going out on the town.