M-Select GRIP
Les semelles M-Select GRIP offrent une
adhérence durable et très antidérapante
sur les sols humides et secs ainsi que
sur les terrains mixtes.
M-Select GRIP

Men's M Select GRIP Footwear

  • 110,00 C$
  • 112,00 C$ 160,00 C$

Men's Vibram Footwear


Traction Footwear For Men

Get a grip on the trail with high-traction footwear outsoles from Merrell. Trails, rock and asphalt are hard on the soles of your footwear. M-Select Grip and Vibram uses innovative construction and compounds to stand up to wear and tear and help you perform on any terrain. Find durable, slip-resistant boots and outdoor footwear like our men's barefoot running shoes with soles that keep you connected to the ground.