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Kristopher Mendoza

For Kris the connection to the trail is far more than athletic. It’s a chance to restore a bond with nature that gets stripped away by modern-day life. His disdain for running turned to love when he transitioned from the Los Angeles roads to the trails of the Santa Monica Mountains. With 50+ miles as his distance of choice, he gets plenty of time to recharge his battery, and reconnect with what’s important. Along the way, there’s no obstacle he can’t overcome. Look no further than his 3rd place finish as an individual, and 2nd place team finish in back-to-back years at the World’s Toughest Mudder. No matter the trail, Kris is bound to leave his mark. When not competing, the dentist anesthesiology resident (he graduates in June 2018), enjoys hiking, slalom water-skiing, CrossFit, and snowboarding.

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