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My Dearest Moabs,

Here you lie, scuffed up, dusty, and weathered in the back of my Impreza. You look more beautiful to me now than the day I pulled you out of your box, fresh, clean, and sweet smelling (you don’t smell as sweet now). This past year has been a journey for the two of us. We found adventure and lived wildly. You’ve kept me moving forward when I didn’t think I had it in me.

We began our relationship on a trip with friends to Canyonlands last spring. We didn’t find the hidden kiva that we were looking for, but on that trip I realized that I found my perfect adventure companion (YOU). Managing to scramble up and down that slick rock with a heavy pack (remember, we had Huck with us on that trip?) was easy, thanks to you. Remember that pizza we got in town? And racing to Delicate Arch during the supermoon? Haha that was a great trip. 🙂

Remember our trip last summer to the San Juans? I was heartbroken, hurting, and looking for answers on the tops of the mountains. That first morning in the San Juans I didn’t feel like getting up. Heartbreak and high elevation have a funny tendency to make me feel that way. You helped me get up, and reminded me that my heart always feels lighter after a struggle to a summit. Thank you. We clocked a lot of miles together that summer. Our days on the trail always helped me feel better. As my legs grew stronger, my heart grew stronger too.

IMG_6871 2

And then there was that backpacking trip in the fall. Remember that trip? My broken heart had mended, and I found a type of love I previously didn’t know existed. That romantic 13 mile hike to the lake felt springy and delightful. Thanks for hanging outside of the tent for a little bit that evening. 😉  I’m sorry I kicked you off when I swung in the hammock over the lake, and I’m sorry I didn’t share any tequila with you. But remember those rocks we jumped on as we crossed the stream? I could tell that it made you feel a little giddy!

My sweet Moabs, we’ve hiked through heaven and hell together. We’ve explored the bottoms of desert canyons and the tops of rocky mountains. You kept me moving forward and upward through moments of heartbreak, and celebrated with me during moments of joy and happiness.

This Valentine’s Day, perhaps we can scramble on an adventure date up a mountain, what do you say?

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