Benefits of Barefoot shoes


We propose this year to spoil your feet and give them long-term holistic health with Barefoot shoes. Here are some reasons to start this year with some healthy lifestyle barefoot shoe experience.

Change is Good

Doing the same routine (be it running, walking, or weight workouts) day after day can not only wear you down but can also promote poor form or unanticipated injury or fatigue. However, the more movement and versatility that you incorporate into your daily life the happier and better you’ll feel day after day.

In other words, change is good.

Barefoot shoes should be a supplemental part of your routine. And by incorporating barefoot shoes into your training, walking, or daily schedule, you gain access to untapped performance and new sensory experiences. Barefoot provides a deeper, keener connection to the ground beneath you. With a barefoot shoe, you can pivot quickly to easily navigate varied terrain.

Because of the next-to-nothing fit and feel; barefoot shoes require you to maintain awareness of the outdoor space around you. Unlike running around the track or on a treadmill, barefoot necessitates thoughtfulness: of your surroundings, others, and yourself.

Barefoot Shoes 101

Unlike conventional shoes that have cushioned midsoles and deep tread, barefoot shoes have minimal padding, low profile uppers, and thin, minimalist soles. This slim profile offers unencumbered dexterity and flexibility so you can change direction quickly and easily and focus on the experience.

Typically, barefoot shoes feature a 0 mm differential drop between the toe and heel. This feature is designed to highlight your foot’s natural ability, which enables you to make the most of your energy and time on the trail. Meanwhile, the shoe’s flexible construction provides better dexterity and helps you change directions quickly. This is intended to complement the 0 mm drop and provide a maximum connection to the trail underfoot. And lastly, barefoot shoes have a wider toe box that allows your toes to splay out comfortably and help you maintain lateral stability in challenging terrain.

Benefits Barefoot

Unleash Barefoot strength

Barefoot footwear helps you disperse impact throughout your body and build strength in areas that are typically underutilized. Like all training approaches, barefoot footwear can be leveraged for maximum performance or used as a supplement throughout your routine. More importantly, barefoot footwear provides you with an opportunity to connect with your surroundings.

So, whether you want to bodyweight training or commute to work,  barefoot shoes empower you with a full connection to your feet, body, and the earth beneath you. We’ve compiled some tips and technique tricks so you can feel confident no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

  • Ease into things: Regardless of form or style, you want to slowly uptick your mileage when starting barefoot footwear. Your biomechanics can shift depending on the shoe you’re in. So, when your primary training shoe is moderately cushioned, your body becomes accustomed to this type of impact absorption. Slowly increasing your mileage helps avoid injury altogether.
  • Walk it out: Walking allows your body to adjust to the barefoot shoe and naturally correct itself when something is out of alignment.
  • Incorporate and rotate: Barefoot shoes should be incorporated in your footwear lineup and set on a rotation. You want to alternate between types of training shoes, keeping in mind that barefoot footwear is intended to play up your natural strength and abilities.
  • Do the marathon lace: The marathon lace (also known as the runner’s loop) helps alleviate pressure atop your foot and give you a snug, yet comfortable fit. It’s great for people with low volume feet or if you just want a little extra confidence in your lacing skills. For additional suggestions, check out this article.
  • Get a massage: A little bit of self-care goes a long way. Massage helps break up lactic acid and release myofascial pain or tension. Plus, it feels great.
  • Train: You want to drive your strength from your core, legs, and buttocks. So, hitting the gym with a strength-building routine is a great way to complement your training routine.


Benefits of barefoot


The Barefoot Truth

The truth about barefoot shoes is simple: Minimalist shoes provide a more natural, deeper connection to the trails around you. Ultimately, barefoot shoes are designed to protect your feet and play up your natural abilities. So regardless of the type of runner, walker, or outdoor enthusiast you are, barefoot shoes can help you build strength over time for greater long-term holistic health.


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