Trail Running

Move naturally to optimize your performance
Connect your feet
to terrain.
8-12MM drop
Responsive Cushioning. Go
further, faster, longer with
responsive, resilient
cushioning and a deeper drop
for your most intense runs.
0-8MM drop
Closer Connection. When you
don’t know the terrain you’ll
encounter minimal cushioning
and drop to help maintain
connection to the ground.
0MM drop
Full Connection. For a
barefoot feel, pick a shoe
with minimal cushioning
and zero drop.

Women's Cushioning

Women's Minimal

Running Gear for Women

Get ready to hit the trails with Merrell’s running gear for women. Whether you’re going for a leisurely jog, exploring the trails, or running your next marathon, our running gear will prepare you for any range of intensity, as well as any terrain. Find the trail running shoes that best fit you and your needs – from responsive cushioning for stability for your more intense runs, to lighter minimal or barefoot running shoes to connect with the ground. Browse our running apparel that’s been designed with the technology to keep you dry and protected from the elements. Finish your look with socks, bags, and other accessories to keep you comfortable and prepared, whatever the length of your run. No matter what type of running you love, our running gear for women will help keep you comfortable and prepared for any adventure.