Eden Duo

27th of October 2012


1.1 MED (Merrell Eden Duo), 27th of October 2012, 24 hour adventure race in Wilderness

Contact details for the MED;

The Merrell Eden Duo (MED) is better known as a 24 hour multi-sport event. We combine all the disciplines of endurance racing in a one day event. Athletes take part in pairs and in relay teams. Basic map reading skills form part of your preparation to compete in this event as all athletes must register themselves at various CP's (Control Points) on route. The route is not market but for the first 10km of single track mountain biking on leg 2. Teams need the assistance of support crew in the MED. Assistance is limited to transition areas.

MED 150

  • SOLO EVENT (R1800 P/P)
  • DUO PAIRS EVENT (R 2500/PAIR): We offer a 150km event for pairs of all categories.
  • RELAY TEAM EVENT (R 3500 / TEAM): The relay event covers the 150km for teams of 4

MED Lite

  • MED LITE PAIR EVENT (R350 / PAIR AND R550 / TEAM): 50km event for all who want to race a short distance.
  • MED LITE FAMILY EVENT (R150 / FAMILY): 5km, any combination and a junior member younger than 18.
  • JUNIOR EVENT (R1600): of 100km for a 4 girls/boys team with an adult as member 4 of the team (The same route as in the MED 2010.

The following instructions must be followed in conjunction with your map:

(RUN) Start at Kaaymanslow water bridge and proceed onto path next to the N2 highway (Highway strictly out of bounds) and follow path to the right; down onto the rocks and beach.

(RUN) CP1 is under the Railway Bridge. Go under the railway bridge, up the path with and follow the railway line through the tunnel. Report to the Marshall before proceeding onto the beach. Follow the beach pass Leentjiesklip to the Touws river mouth and go through under the highway bridge.

(RUN) CP2 is located in the corner under the railway bridge. Make your way onto the railway line and follow it over the bridge ±1.5km further, and report to the Marshall further along the track. Follow the Pied Kingfisher trail to where you get to the tar road.

(RUN) Cross the tar road and run along the Half Collared Kingfisher trail to CP3. Cross the river to TP1 at Ebb & Flow where you must report to the Marshal andchange over onto your mountain bikes.

(MTB) At the gate to Ebb & Flow North, take a left onto the tar road. Proceed up the Hoekwil Hill and take a right turn at Duiwerivier Road by the Jacobs Retirement Village. Precede straight pass the café and school onto the gravel road and up the hill until it becomes farm lands. CP4 is situated at a Dairy.

(MTB) Follow the directional markers through the farmlands to the main gravel road. CP5 is located at the small farm school. Pick up the path across the school. Take a right up the small hill and follow the path over the Dam Wall where you will find CP6. Proceed and take a right turn at the intersection and follow the road to the T Junction at Leppan (Mandalay) farm. Follow the road left until it runs into a field. In the distance across the field you will see a green barn with 4 white worker homes is situated.

(MTB) CP7 is at the Barn. Follow the gravel road to the main intersection and take a right, proceed with extreme caution down the very steep downhill and follow the road along the lakes area towards Wilderness.

TP2 is situated along the Mtb route at the start of the Brown Hooded Kingfisher trail. Leave your bikes and report to the Marshall. Proceed on foot straight along the trail for ±1.5km, crossing the river 6 times, punch CP8 and make your way back to TP2 and back onto your mtb.

(MTB) TP3 is situated at Island Lake where you must report to the Marshall, leave your bike gear and start your paddle.

(PADDLE) Paddle in the direction of the ocean where you will reach the Serpentine River on your right. Follow the river where you will find CP9 by the first small bridge. Continue your paddle along the river pass Ebb & Flow South Camp to TP4 at Eden Adventures and report to the marshal.

(RUN) Make your way on foot through the South Camp to the finish at TP1, Ebb & Flow, North Camp. Report to the Marshal and hand in this form!

Important Information & Rules:

You may not partake in this race if you haven't signed the individual indemnity form. Everyone takes part at their own risk. All race rules apply as on the entry form. Team members must reach all Check Points together. Organizer's decision is final. Close gate behind you if you find it closed. PROCEED WITH CAUTION: YOU WILL BE TRAVELLING THROUGH/OVER WILDERNESS AREAS, SINGLE TRACKS, RAILWAY LINES, ROCKS, GRAVEL ROADS, TAR ROADS, FARMLANDS, BEACHES, SUBBURBS AND OTHER TERRAIN. NO TRAFFIC MARSHALS ARE ON DUTY TO DIRECT OR WARN ONCOMING TRAFFIC.

2.2.1. RACE Details, 150km Duo and Relay event.

RACE VILLAGE(North Camp's Gates, 33° 59' 16" S/22° 36' 30" E)youtube


The Race Village for the MED will be Ebb & Flow North Camp, SAN Parks, Wilderness. Registration will take place from 15H00 to 18H00 on Friday the 26th at the RECEPTION of SAN Parks. Teams will only be allowed into the race village after registration. Entry Fee includes camping in the race village. No discounts will be paid out if you are not camping. All other bookings must be made with SAN Parks direct.

LEG 1, KLOOFING of 10km (Compulsory for all racers). Start in river mouth and Parking on Western Side of Touws River Mouth, 33° 59' 41" S/22° 34' 44" E


All race categories started together at 5am and headed off along Wilderness main beach and via the Kaaymansriver up the chilly Map of Africa. Boulder-hopping and short stretches of swimming through beautiful cliff sections is the norm for this section. After exiting the kloof, athletes will head up to the pristine grounds of the Saasveld / Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University for the first transition via a 2km tar section.

LEG 2, MTB 1, 35km. Transition 1: Saasveld Pool 33° 57' 32" S/22° 31' 56" E


The 35km bike leg that followed will take cyclists through a series of single track mountain bikingroutes that is market and compulsory. These trails are behind the town of George. The infamous Montague pass follows for a lengthy climb up to Harold Wines and the second transition point.

LEG 3,Hike 1, 30km. Transition 2: Herold Wines 33° 51' 49" S/22° 28' 09" E


Passing the Harold Wines dam after an exciting transition at the Cellar, a mini-traverse follows via the Outeniqua mountain range along a 30km hiking route through Saasveldto the Groeneweide picnic site of SAN Parks. The TAR road is OUT of BOUNCE for a short cut!

LEG 4, MTB 2, 35km. Transition 3: Groeneweide 33° 57' 39" S/22° 33' 19" E


A fast 35km bike leg along dirt roads and some tar follows that took teams down to the next transition point at Hoogekraal Bridge where the first paddle leg would start.

LEG 5, Paddle 1, 15km. Transition 4: Hoogekraal Bridge 33° 58' 48" S/22° 47' 59" E


The 15km paddle that followed was along calm waters, through reeds and over sandbanks, taking teams under the N2 to Sedgefield where they took-out on the beach at Swartvlei.

LEG 6, Hike 2, 20km. Transition 5: Swartvlei Caravan Park 34° 01' 24" S/22° 46' 27" E


Heading onto the 20km beach run/hike at high tide at about 18H00. Teams taking on the beach hike before twilight were confronted by high tide and had to resort to the soft sand for a slow-moving hike to Wilderness.

LEG 7, Paddle 2, 5km. Transition 6: SAN Parks Picnic Area, Wilderness,Western Side of Touws River Mouth, 33° 59' 41" S/22° 34' 44" E


For the final leg of the race, teams paddled 5km from the Touws River mouth to the finish at Ebb and Flow North camp where they were cheered in by welcoming supporters.

END VENUE & PRIZE GIVING (Sunday Morning at 07H30, 30th of October 2011) in RACE VILLAGE, 33° 59' 16" S/22° 36' 30" E

2.2.2. Equipment list for the MED

Compulsory equipment

  • Mountain bike per cyclist
  • Own paddle craft
  • Racing with MERRELL Bib
  • Life jacket for paddling
  • Helmet for cycling
  • Small backpack with extra food per athlete
  • Compass, Map, Waterproof top, long pants, space blanket, 2 water bottles, sell phone, medical kit & extra food for mountain hike from T2 to T3.

Important stuff.

Hat, sunscreen oil, small sleeping bag, enough food, seconds that smiles with hot food and cool drinks…sense of humour, camera.


Warm water, messages, nice weather, no uphill's, hard sand on the beach, fitness and tide in your favour…

2.2.3. 2011 Merrell Eden Duo, Seconds Hand-Out

Emergency Contacts:

Race HQ: 071 115 8915

This document is compiled to make your life easier on race day. As a second you will need to transport the teams gear from transit ion area (TA) to transition area. Once you get to a TA, first unpack and get everything ready for your athletes before settling down to wait for them. Once they have passed through the TA, pack everything up, and drive to the next TA to start all over again. Ideally you will need the following minimum equipment to make life easier:

  • Small camping table,
  • Comfortable chairs for the athletes (and yourself)
  • A gazebo is a nice to have but not essential
  • A small camping stove to boil water / heat up food
  • A head lamp for night time TA's.
  • Packing crates are always usefull, the racers should keep their stuff in separate crates.
  • A good book / magazine / pack of cards to help pass the time
  • At least 5 l water container with water
  • A cooler box is also nice to have in hot weather
  • Enough food for yourself and the racers. Have a mix of sweet stuff and savoury stuff . Biltong /droeëwors always goes down well if you are not a vegetarian!
  • It goes without saying that you need suitable equipment to transport both bikes and boats. Think through the following worst case scenarios:
  • Very rainy weather all day – w hat will you do?
  • Very windy all day – w hat will you do?
  • Very hot all day – w hat will you do
  • Pack clothes for any of the weather scenarios so that you are prepared!

MED 2011,150 km, 1080 minutes or 18 hours

(Winners took about 13 hours in 2010)

You will need to make sure they have the necessary kit for each leg and that they eat and drink enough while they are in the TA. Encourage them to move through TA's quickly as a lot of time can be lost sitting around the TA. Be friendly and encouraging, they will need it !

Start: Touws River Mouth parking next to the N2 in Wilderness.

(5 minutes drive from Ebb and Flow)

TA 1 Saasveld Swimming Pool – Kloofing to MTB:

It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes driving to get from the start to TA 1

After you team are off, you can proceed to TA1 at Saasveld. You can either take the N2 back to George andthen follow the signboards along the Old 7 Passes road, or alternatively, you can drive through Wilderness and along the Old 7 Passes Road to Saasveld. The chances are good you can drive in convoy to Saasveld, so if you are unsure about directions, drive behind someone who KNOWS where they are going. Drive through Saasvelds gates (big white ones) and onto the swimming pools, there will be signboards to help. There are toilets and water at this TA.

You will need to get your team's bikes ready (lube chains, check tyre pressure, fill water bottles, etc). They may want dry cycling clothes. They will need water / food for the next long leg to Herold Wines. This TA should be a quick change TA (not more than 5 minutes), so don't get too comfortable.

TA 2 Herold Wines – MTB to Run:

It should take between 45 minutes and 60 minutes to get to the next TA at Herold Wines depending on route choice. After seeing your team off, drive back into George. At the first traffic lights, the T-junction with the N9, (Knysna Road), turn right. Drive along this road as if going to Oudtshoorn. Be sure to fill up with fuel in George, as it is a 20 km or 45 km trip to Herold Wines depending on your route choice. Once you are through George you can either drive up the historic Montagu Pass, please drive slowly and carefully as their may already be athletes along this section of the road. Or alternatively you can drive up the Outeniqua Pass. The Outeniqua Pass route is longer, but is mostly tar, the Montagu Pass is shorter, but is about 20 km of gravel road. If you take the Montagu Pass option, drive all the way up Montagu Pass, and then down the other side as if going towards Herold. Watch out for the Herold Wines signboards and the turn off to your right. If you are driving via Outeniqua Pass, about 25 km after the last traffic lights, take the N9 to Uniondale. After another 5 -7 km along this road take the turn off to the right that goes to Herold (this is also the same road that

will take you to the historic Montagu Pass). Drive through Herold and on towards Montagu Pass, the road will become gravel. Look for the Herold Wines signboard and the turn off to your left. At Herold Wines there is drinking water and toilets.This is a nice spot to get brunch organised and enjoy the friendly atmosphere at this TA. Get your teams' hiking kit ready (trail running shoes, backpack, wet weather gear, comprehensive First Aid kit etc). They can spend up to about 15 minutes in this TA before moving on.

TA 3 Groeneweide – Run to MTB: Strawberry Hill Sign opposite the

entrance to Groeneweide Gate, please close the gate after you drive through.


It should take between 45 minutes and 60 minutes to get to the next TA at Groeneweide. Retrace your route back to Saasveld, but instead of turning off to Saasveld continue on straight down the 7 Passes Road. After crossing the Kaaymens River, you will go up a short climb. At the top of the hill, you will find Strawberry Hill on your right, and the Groeneweide gate on your left. Go through the gate to the TA (about 1 km after the gate). The gate should be closed once you have passed through. Your athletes should take a while to get to you, but get their bikes ready and then relax. It is difficult to estimate how they will be doing when they arrive, so you will need to be prepared for happy smiley faces or tired and dehydrated athletes. Hopefully the weather will not have you getting some cold and wet athletes!

There are no facilities at this TA.


TA 4 Hoogekraal Bridge – MTB to Paddle:

Depending on your route, it w ill take between 45 minutes and 60 minutes to get to Hoogekraal.Drive back to the N2 and proceed in Knysna's direction. Drive through

Sedgefield. After going through Sedgefield, watch out for the Karatara / Ruigtevlei turn-off on your left. Turn left as if going to Karatara. You will cross over the old railw ay line.

Turn left there and proceed for about 5 km. Watch out for the Karatara turn-off on your

left. Turn left as if going to Karatara, you will cross over a low water bridge across the Karatara River. After about another 5 km watch out for the Hoogekraal turn-off on your left.Turn left here, the road will become gravel. Drive along the Hoogekraalbridge and find a suitable spot next to the bridge to park. There are no facilities at this TA.Get your team's boat, paddles and life jacket ready. Make sure they take along something wind proof if the wind is blowing as it can get quite nippy on the water, especially if it is starting to get dark.

TA 5 Swartvlei Caravan Park – Paddle to Beach Run:

It should take you about 20 minutes to get to this TA. Retrace your route back to the N2 and drive back towards George, passing through Sedgefield. After crossing the Swartvlei, watch out for the Swartvlei Caravan Park signboard on your left.Turns left here and proceed down the narrow tar road to the Swartvlei Caravan Park. Your athlete's will want to eat something w arm after the paddle and they may also w ant some dry clothes for the next leg.There is drinking water and toilets at this TA.

TA 6 SAN Parks Wilderness Picnic Area (Next to Touwsriver Mouth) – Beach Run to Paddle:

This should be a quick TA, as you will need to get to Ebb and Flow (about 5 minutes away) so that you can cheer your team as they finish. Get the paddles, boat and life jacket ready for your team.

END at Ebb and Flow: Depending on the weather /time of night, you may want to light the celebratory braai fire so long!


2.2.4. RACE MAP (Download the MAP options)

2.2.5 40km Family Fun MED Event( A relay event of 4, for families)