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Women's Merrell Custom Fit Footbeds



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Grey 7mm
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Made of durable Poliyou and dual-density foam, the Merrell Custom Fit Footbeds give you the freedom to customize the fit of your footwear by providing 3 different densities – 7mm for the narrow foot, 5mm for a medium foot, and 2mm for the wider foot. In addition, it molds to the shape of your foot for total comfort and support.

• Top layer made of comfortable and durable Poliyou
• Wicks Moisture
• Odor Resistant
• Anti-Fungus
• Anti-Bacteria
• Shock Absorbing
Available in:
• 7mm for a narrow foot
• 5mm for medium foot
• 2mm for a Wide foot

60 reviews
Average Rating: 4.6
92% said Sized as Expected
6% said Larger than Expected
2% said Smaller than Expected
  • Bummed
  • By Ann
  • 10/16/2014
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I was so bummed when I discovered that my insoles for my Breeze were really bad. You could see the imprint of my toes, but when I got the new insoles it was like new again. The outside of the shoes were still great, but I really need the cushioning for plantars. This allowed me to continue to wear my shoes with very little cost. I am so pleased with how they fit and how quickly I received them.

Product Size Rating:

Sized as Expected

  • New lease on life
  • By Anonymous
  • 10/8/2014
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These footbeds have literally given my two-year-old Merrell Mix Master Move Glides a new lease on life! They feel like new, or maybe even better. Although I knew the original insoles were just about shot, I couldn't bear to get rid of them (even though they are starting to wear out all over, and will have to be replaced eventually, although I am sad that apparently they are no longer available in black/silver... but that's another story). With the new custom footbeds, I have doubled my daily walking mileage with comfort -- they feel like walking on pillows!

Product Size Rating:

Sized as Expected

How do you most use this product?:

As mentioned above, I put them in my ole Merrell Mix Master Move Glide sneakers and I'm walking 2 to 10 miles a day in them, in perfect comfort

  • By Anonymous
  • 10/3/2014
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Great footbed replacement for my Merrell shoe fit to shoe was perfect and feels good on my foot

  • By Anonymous
  • 10/2/2014
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These insoles make a great shoe fit like they were custom made for MY feet! I have narrow feet and as a result of surgery can only comfortably wear Merrell Encore Breeze shoes. The narrow insoles make my shoes fit perfectly! I have these shoes in four colors and they are/will always be my "go to" shoe!! Thanks Merrell and please keep these in your lineup!!!

Product Size Rating:

Sized as Expected

How do you most use this product?:


  • By Anonymous
  • 9/16/2014
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I use these liners in my slip on rubber boots and they are so comfortable

Product Size Rating:

Sized as Expected

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