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NYC Barefoot Run

By now, many of us have heard about it.  What was once a budding idea has bloomed into a new way of life for many runners. Barefoot running and barefoot footwear is here, challenging what we’ve practiced and thought about running form for years.  Let’s face it, we ALL love being barefoot - indoors or out.  Many have built up the stamina and strength to actually run barefoot.  Others rely on barefoot shoes to help transition to this new and refreshing way of running.  No matter your choice, the 2nd Annual NYC Barefoot Run (Sept 24-25, 2011) is a celebration of all things barefoot and offers a weekend full of events – a run, clinics, panel discussions and parties.

On Saturday morning, meet the ‘Kudus’ of barefoot running including Christopher McDougall, Jason Robillard, and Barefoot Ted.  Join their clinics and learn from the experts.  Join us on Saturday evening as we host the Merrell Barefoot party at the NYC Barefoot Run.  It will be an energizing event to make sure that everyone is inspired to take on Governors Island on Sunday morning.  Perfect your Merrell Bareform™ with hundreds of other barefoot runners at the weekend’s marquee event – the run. Enjoy one of the most scenic and iconic routes that New York has to offer.  Enjoy the view, share your NYC Barefoot Run stories, and make plans for your next barefoot run at the Post Race Party.   Whether you’re new or an experienced barefoot runner, this will be a weekend that will educate, energize, and inspire you towards your outdoor fitness goals.  So BYOF (Bring Your Own Feet), we’ll provide the party, and join us as we partner with the NYC Barefoot Run September 24-25, 2011.  In the end, it’s a weekend of celebrating the freedom and fun that barefoot provides.  Who doesn’t love that?      
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