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Winter Hibernation-No way!

Written by: Denise McHale (Team Merrell)

November 15, 2011

Temps have dropped quickly and you’re feeling like you want to hibernate and have someone call you in April (or in our case in Yukon in May??!). Here are a few tips to get you out of the house, and motivated to get fit and/or stay fit this winter.

Tip #1

Don’t think about it, just “Get Outside”. You may be saying, what the heck kind of advice is that, but seriously, don’t over think it. Get dressed for the weather (more on that shortly), and open the door and get just out there. I guarantee you’ll be happy once you do!

Tip #2

Try a new sport or activity. There’s nothing like some new shiny gear and an awaiting challenge to provide some inspiration.

Tip #3

Make it social. Get out with friends, find a workout buddy. Setting up a meeting with a friend or a group makes cancelling because of inclement weather much more difficult. It’s tough to call and say, “I’m feeling kinda wimpy today”!

Tip #4

Allow yourself time to acclimate to the change in seasons. You may be inclined to overdress as the temps first begin to dip, so dress in layers, so you can add or remove as needed. If you’re going to be doing a high aerobic based activity, you should be slightly cold when you first get outside and start moving.

Tip #5

Invest in some good quality basics and layer as needed based on your personal heat generation.I generally wear a base layer, (Merrell Ambrosia is awesome! or Merrell Geo Half Zip for men), followed by a mid-layer such as fleece, and a wind-stopper layer on the outside when temperatures get frosty. Same for hands in cold temps too – base layer and wind-stopper or over-mitt on top.

Tip #6

If you’re running or walking outside in winter, keeping your feet warm and dry will go a long way to motivating you to get out there. Waterproof shoes or boots in a half size or size bigger than you normally wear is a great investment to keeping your feet happy. A thicker pair of socks and throw some gators on if you’ll be in deep snow and you’ll be toasty and dry.

Tip #7

Fear can be a great motivator and inspiration! Sign yourself up for a new challenge-whether it’s a race, a mountain you want to climb, or a river you want to paddle, Get Outside, and have fun!