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Outdoor Nation Merrell Delegate: Laura Carhart

Merrell Delegate: Laura Carhart

Being an outdoor enthusiast has always been a part of my life, so when I heard about Outdoor Nation’s Boston Summit I knew I had to go. I support everything Outdoor Nation & Merrell stand for so I was excited and jumped at the opportunity to get to share my voice. Another great perk besides a summit dedicated to getting people outside? Free gear! Who could pass up the awesome free gear Merrell & Outdoor Nation gave away!

At first when I arrived at UMass in Boston I did not know what to expect from the summit, but immediately I was blown away with everyone’s attitudes. We were all there for a common cause, to get people outside! Right away people were connecting with each other and sharing their knowledge of the great outdoors. Barriers that usually kept people from communicating with each other immediately fell away. It didn’t matter if you had reached the summit of 100 mountains or if you never reached a summit at all, everyone was ready to change the millennial generation into the outdoor enthusiasts we know they can be given the opportunity.


During the summit everyone split off into groups to brainstorm and create projects with the main goal of getting people outside. The groups mapped out business proposals and presented them to everyone the following day. There were about 17 groups with 17 amazing ideas. Nine of these projects received grants from Outdoor Nation to start their project up and help towards the cause of getting people outside! My group received a $750.00 grant from Outdoor Nation! We proposed a program called Deals for Wheels. Deals for Wheels is a community based program that encourages active transportation (such as biking, skateboarding, rollerblading - any mode with wheels) by providing discounts from participating local businesses to individuals who use active transportation to get to the establishment.

I am truly passionate about the outdoors and am excited that Outdoor Nation & Merrell gave us the platform to make change for our generation. As a student at Unity College majoring in Wildlife Management I know that this world needs our help, with these grants I believe the millennial generation will change and have more opportunities for outdoor education. We will educate the children of tomorrow about the world we have today this in turn will breed a new generation of outdoor lovers and help preserve the world we know.

~~ Laura Carhart


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