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Merrell and Outdoor Nation 2012 Delegate Search!

In 2012, we will once again sponsor up to 35 (16-28 year old) delegates who will not only attend the Outdoor Nation nationwide Summits, but also serve as outreach ambassadors – working as a team to share experiences from the Summits as well as subsequent project updates. Last year, Merrell sponsored 25 delegates – who are actively spearheading on-the-ground efforts to connect a new generation with the outdoors. Interested individuals should visit here.  

Merrell Outdoor Nation interview with 2011 delegate: Kathryn Schuster

1. What was your favorite moment at the 2011 Summit?

Getting together as a small group and coming up with ideas for grants. So many people had amazing ideas to get the youth back outside!

2. What was your biggest takeaway?

Meeting all the people, and being re-inspired to get back outside with or without someone! Go for a hike if you can’t get a group of people to go camping with you. Go kayak by yourself! I even went to Nashville for a Merrell Oyster Race by myself!!!!

3. Why did you apply to be a Merrell delegate and why would you tell your friends to apply?

One, I am a Merrell Outdoor enthusiast! Two, you get your trip paid for (flight). Three, you get some awesome swag to sport!!

4. What about the Summit has changed the way you live today?

Like I said, I get outside by myself more. Before I thought that I always had to hike or do whatever with groups of people or friends. Well, I don’t have too many friends that like to get outside as much as I do, or are as adventurous as me. I met so many people that reminded me to stop caring about what people think and just get outside and find your own self! I am more conscious about what I can do to get other people outside! Telling my story about a great hike or weekend adventure seems to have inspired a lot of my friends to do their own adventure too!!!

5. How do you GTFO?

I kayak, hike, camp, rock climb, run/walk my dog, take photographs! I am going to work on my own project of “Free MY Feet” and take pictures of the place my Merrell Pace Glove Barefoot shoes take me!!! (Lychee orange should show up good in photos/instagram!!!!!!!)