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Our first week in South America!

After a summer of climbing mountains in Colorado, we made it to South America for our 10-month long adventure south of the border!

Our first week in South America has been a blast!  We flew into Buenos Aires and spent our first week there based out of the San Telmo neighborhood.  The city of Buenos Aires is a beautiful city and is the 17th largest metropolitan area in the world with about 14 million people (according to wikipedia).  BA experienced major growth in the late 1800s and early 1900s with a huge influx of Spanish and Italian immigrants…and the architecture reflects this.  A large portion of the original buildings have been well-maintained, and the room we rented in a loft was no exception.  Overall, the look of the city is very 'european': BA more resembles Madrid than it does Mexico City, more resembles Rome than it does Lima.

We love food, and have really enjoyed dining Argentine-style.  Argentines typically have a light breakfast of bread and espresso, then (after several more espressos throughout the morning) at 1 or 2 they start a large lunch which can easily last two hours, then they have a lighter dinner at around 9.  Even though most Argentines in the bigger cities don't partake in a siesta, Kirsten and I wanted to promote the old way of doing things and enjoyed a light snooze after lunch.

This past Sunday was a chilly spring day, so I put my Merrell Origins Eagle Down Shirt and Eagle Origins Boots to good use.  The shirt kept me warm without being overly hot, and the boots were stylish and sturdy for the long walk on the cobblestone streets.

One of the highlights of staying in San Telmo was having quick access to the San Telmo street market that takes place every Sunday and stretches for several city blocks and lasts from morning until after dark. 

After a week of exploring Buenos Aires, we have moved west: we have arrived in Cordoba, Argentina on our way to the base of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina!








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