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All We Need is Just a Little Patience

I will start this blog entry by admitting that I am not a very patient person. In learning to run barefoot and in barefoot shoes, I had to learn a few hard lessons in stepping back., slowing down and letting my feet lead me to patience, or the most amount of patience I could drum up inside myself. Most recently, my daughters gave me an even larger lesson in running and patience.
Together Isabelle (8 years old), Hannah (5 years old) and myself got our running gear on, laced up our matching pink Merrell barefoot shoes and hit the local 5K. The coolest part of the race was that there were far more families and children running than stand alone adults. A sign that our healthy interests as adults can and do rub off on our kiddos. We started the race near the back and the girls told me they were going to run as fast as they could the whole entire way. Inside my brain I giggled, as I have never been one to pace myself in anything that I do. It sounded as if this trait was inside my girls too.This could be an interesting lesson for us all!
The horn blew and we were off. Running as fast as we could, passing friends and laughing. As we neared the first half of the race, Isabelle stopped. She was done and ready to walk. “Let’s just walk and hold hands mom.” What? I couldn’t believe it. This was a race! What was she thinking? I breathed deeply, held her hand and walked … patiently. After 50 feet she was ready to jog, but only holding my hand. We jogged and walked, jogged and walked up atrail hill. We could see Hannah still chugging along way ahead of us, running with the third graders, determined to sprint across that finish line. As Isabelle and I got to the top of the trail, the trees opened to a beautifulvista of the town. We both stopped in awe as others ran past us not even realizing the beauty of the trail on which we were running. Isabelle stood there, picked a flower and just stared ahead at the view and said “see mom, if we were running too fast, we never would’ve seen this!” And she was right. All we need is just a little patience.
After a few minutes we began to jog again and the race had taken an entirely new context. Sometimes, even in a race, it is good to slow down and enjoy the moment. Sometimes when changing the way we want to run we can benefit from stepping back to change our form or perspective. I can’t wait to run (and walk, and look and listen) with my girls again soon.