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Outdoor Nation Merrell Delegate: Nkrumah Frazier

Participating in the Outdoor Nation 2012 summit in Austin, TX was a very enlightening, inspiring and potentially life changing event for me. As a delegate I was exposed to incredible individuals, programs, organizations and ideas.

We were encouraged to create ideas for projects that would facilitate and encourage young people to enter into, interact with and enjoy the outdoors. At 33 years old I am certain that I was the oldest delegate in attendance at the summit. Despite my age I was made to feel welcome from the very start. I used my age and experience with similar ventures to help facilitate some of the group discussions and project planning. With the insightful guidance of the Outdoor Nation staff members we were able to be a part of the conception of 19 projects and morphing them  into programs that can be readily implemented into their respective communities.

The Outdoor Nation team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They offered guidance and advice that guided each group through the brainstorming process of the projects selection and ultimately its design and secure ways to implement each project.

In the end, 8 projects received funding through this process. The Outdoor Nation team encouraged delegates involved with projects that did not receive funding to continue planning and preparing their projects and to apply for grant money that is available through the Outdoor Nation organization via their website at a later date.

Through this experience I gained valuable lifelong friendships with other people that love the outdoors just as much as I do.  I also learned that getting an idea from my head to the discussion table isn’t as hard as I have been thinking it would be.  All that I need is a team of supporters and to make realistic goals for myself. 

Nkrumah Frazier
Outdoor Nation 2012 Austin, TX Summit delegate opportunity