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Outdoor Nation Merrell Delegate: Edd Duran

Merrell Delegate: Edd Duran

Going to the Outdoor Nation NYC Summit as a Merrell delegate was one of the highlights of my summer. As soon as I got there I was introduced to the other delegates and it was such a treat to be teamed up with such amazing people!

Andy, Lorin and I, along with six others, worked together to develop a program designed to provide incentives people who get others outside. It will be an internet-driven challenge competition where people can earn prizes for completing certain challenges, all of which include taking others outside! Our project won one of the grants given away at the summit and though the program is still in its barebones stage, our entire team is very excited about kicking it off in the near future.

Throughout the weekend, several people asked about our Merrell Barefoot sneakers. Without any previous planning, Andy and I raised our legs and put our shoes on the table for some show & tell. We had a good laugh about it and had to repeat the show later for somebody else.

The Outdoor Nation NYC summit helped me to become a better outside ambassador because I got to meet other like-minded people and discuss the barriers that are blocking people from enjoying the outdoors. Seeing what works for others and discussing how we can make things work together was awe-inspiring! The number one thing that I’ll take from the experience is that there are other like-minded people out there. We care about the same things and are willing to do something to help people get past these barriers to allow others to enjoy the outdoors like we do. That simple little fact is so refreshing!

Edd Duran

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